THEY'VE admitted "it may not be Love Island" but Fife Council hope residents will tune in to watch local democracy in action on TV. 

After a dry run last week, the way is clear for meetings to be broadcast online with the public able to view their favourite councillors from the Autumn onwards. 

And although it may not be a ratings smash, especially compared to the ITV reality show, they're hoping it'll prove a turn-on. 

Co-leaders of the council, David Alexander and David Ross, said in a statement: "The final full council meeting before the summer recess was held last week.

"Most of the day-to-day work is done through committees or in meetings with officers but the meeting of the full council allows all councillors in Fife to come together to debate major issues and to hold the council’s Administration and spokespeople to account for their actions.

"Apart from issues raised directly on the regular report submitted by the co-leaders, there were 31 questions from councillors to spokespeople on topics ranging from education to housing through the use of plastics within the council, health and social care, roads maintenance and the availability of food waste bags.

"These are some of the issues councillors deal with every day and the public hardly ever sees.

"But that looks set to change as the council gears up to ‘televise’ its meetings online.

"Last week’s meeting was the final trial of the technology that will allow the council to broadcast its meetings online and provided there are no technical problems, the public will be able to view future meetings starting in the Autumn. 

"It may not be Love Island but it will give everyone in Fife the chance to see their elected representatives in action."