A DUNFERMLINE man who threatened to assault his partner in front of social workers has been jailed.

Kieran Forbes had fallen out with her and said he went to speak with Fife Council staff about the situation, so it wouldn't escalate.

Forbes, 24, of William Street, admitted that on June 8 at New City House, Edgar Street, Dunfermline he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm in that he did threaten to assault his partner, and he committed this offence while on bail, having been granted it on January 30 and April 26.

Also, having been granted bail on January 2 and being subject to the condition that he did not approach or contact or attempt to approach or contact his partner, he did on January 29 and April 24, approach and contact her.

Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard that Forbes had advised the witnesses at the council offices that he had fallen out with his partner earlier that day.

They asked him what would happen if he went home and she was there, and he said she would likely prevent him from leaving.

He admitted that this would anger him, and he felt like "slapping" and "hitting" her.

The witnesses then challenged him on this and asked about the baby.

He replied that he would "just hit her when she was not pregnant".

As the witnesses were concerned for the safety of his partner they called the police.

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi said her client was currently on a community payback order.

"Mr Forbes and the complainer are working hard to resolve these issues," Ms Joshi said.

"When he left this court, there was a dispute over property.

"He thought it would be better to talk to a social worker rather than going to his partner.

"He accepts that it caused fear and alarm to the recipients, but he was trying to act in a manner that did not escalate the situation."

Sheriff Simon Collins said: "There is serial non-compliance here and there are serious reservations over Mr Forbes' community payback order.

"I am satisfied that there is no alternative to a custodial sentence."

Forbes was sentenced to 30 weeks imprisonment.