A WEDDING reception in Kelty ended in violence with one man being headbutted and his attacker being arrested.

The two men involved had initially been acting as peacemakers when a scuffle broke out at the party, Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard.

In the dock was Lewis Stockdale, 28, of Wemyss Street, Rosyth.

He admitted that on July 8 at Kelty Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Cocklaw Street, he assaulted a man by headbutting him.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said: “The occasion was a wedding reception. The complainer had travelled down from Aberdeen and is only known vaguely to the accused.”

He added there had been “some friction” at the reception but the evening had been going well.

“Alcohol was being consumed and then a minor scuffle broke out at the bar. Both the accused and the complainer had moved over to help break this up.

“As they did so, they had a confrontation and words were exchanged between them. By this time the police had already been called.

“At around midnight, the complainer was approached by the accused. The accused asked if he was Suzy’s boy. No further words were exchanged before the accused headbutted the complainer.”

Stockdale told police officers it had been a “drunken mistake”.

Defence solicitor Chris Sneddon said: “He went over to split things up. A committee member was holding him by the chest.

“Having consumed alcohol he thought the complainer was going to assault him. It was out of character.”

Sheriff Chris Shead fined Stockdale £200 and ordered him to pay £200 compensation