A DUNFERMLINE pensioner who sent MSP Anas Sarwar a letter with racist and offensive comments has been fined £450.

Arthur Robertson, 68, sent the mail to the Labour councillor's constituency office earlier this year which had the words “Brown Muslim P**i” on it.

He branded Islam “evil” and “demonic” and called Muhammad a paedophile, and other derogatory names.

He also referred to the Quran as “a jumbled rambling book of scientific and historical inaccuracies”.

Robertson, from Dunfermline, admitted at Glasgow Sheriff Court to sending Mr Sarwar the letter on February 27 which contained offensive, abusive and racist remarks.

Sheriff Shona Gilroy said: “You know that what you did was wrong.” And she said the court needs to show its disapproval.

The police were contacted after Mr Sarwar received the letter at his office on Paisley Road West, Glasgow.

Robertson signed the letter from himself.

At the top of the letter was the words “Brown Muslim P**i”.

It also included phrases branding Islam an “evil, demonic, vile, political and political organisation”.

Robertson commented that Muhammad “is thought to be flawless and having attained perfection” but said that was “deception and lie”.

He went on to call Muhammad a paedophile, rapist and mass murderer.

Robertson claimed there would “not be one single Muslim in Heaven”, but that there would be ex-Muslims who have rejected Islam.

It was said on his behalf that he had been very naive and appreciates “he was wrong to use the language he did”.

The court heard he was “trying to reach out in his words” to Mr Sarwar and that the background report the sheriff called for, noted that Robertson “doesn’t hold any obvious racist views”.

Earlier this year, it was reported Mr Sarwar said he wants to “shine a light on Islamophobia”.

Mr Sarwar lost out to Richard Leonard in last year’s leadership campaign and claimed he was the subject of racist comments by a fellow councillor, but did not name them.

Speaking in January, he said: "A leader of a Labour council group told me very clearly the reason that he couldn't support me in the leadership election was that, in his words, Scotland wasn't ready for a 'brown, Muslim Paki’.

"When I challenged him on that, saying it was a racist, Islamophobic comment, he said that wasn't his opinion, it was his fear about what his constituents believe."

Last month, Mr Sarwar tweeted he had abusive words shouted at him as he gave an interview.

He wrote: "Just had someone shout 'P**i b*****d' in my face whilst doing an interview on (ironically) racism and Islamophobia standing by the River Clyde.

"Not experienced such blatant in your face racism like that in years. What’s going on in the world!"