A DUNFERMLINE care firm has been accused of mistreating an elderly woman after a carer fell on top of her.

The family of 94-year-old Phamie Sutherland were already concerned about her care and had set up CCTV in her room at the home, with video footage showing a worker from Avenue Care Services struggling to move the frail pensioner in her livingroom.

In the video, Mrs Sutherland is heard groaning in pain as her heels are kicked and she is pushed from the sofa towards her bed.

The OAP struggles to maintain her balance on her zimmer frame before collapsing in agony on the floor with the carer falling directly on top of her.

The family have now heavily criticised the firm, based at Dickson Street in Dunfermline, for the level of care she has received.

Her granddaughter, Marie Stark, told the Press that her gran was taken to hospital after the incident on Friday, July 27.

She said that while most of the carers were "amazing", the family previously had “at least six” meetings with senior management over other alleged failings from Avenue Care Services.

“It’s like a fight you’re never going to win,” she said. “They listen, but they never do anything about it. It’s like you’re banging your head against a brick wall.”

The company have looked after Mrs Sutherland for more than two years in Lumphinnans, but Marie said the latest incident was the “final straw” after installing CCTV cameras to monitor her treatment.

She commented: “We had no choice (to fit a camera).

"We were relying on them to look after my gran. There was one incident where they left her in the afternoon at around 12-1pm.

"Fife Council workers came in when they were supposed to, at around 2.30am, and my gran was still sitting there.

“The curtains were open, the lights were on. Nobody had been in to feed her, take her to the toilet or anything.

“They had just left her and forgot about her. I don’t know how this (latest incident) has happened. It’s like she’s changed in the past week or so. It’s like she’s given up.”

David Heaney, from Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “In all cases, including this one, where the social work service receives information relating to allegations of harm or potential harm to vulnerable adults in any setting, we have a duty under Adult Support and Protection law to take appropriate action to safeguard the individuals.

"Appropriate action is therefore underway in this case.”

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said: “We are aware of this matter and concerned about what has been alleged. We have referred this to partner organisations to investigate.

“We will assist with these investigations and once they are concluded we will investigate the matters of complaint or carry out a full inspection of the service.

“Everyone in Scotland has the right to experience safe, high quality care which meets their needs and respects their rights. Anyone with a concern can contact us on 0345 600 9527, anonymously if they wish.”

The Press approached Avenue Care Services for comment but they did not respond.