A TEENAGER who challenged a man to a fight at Asda Halbeath and then was abusive towards police officers has narrowly avoided a jail sentence.

Darrin Reid's solicitor said the victim had been bullying him at Fife College and when he reported an assault he felt the police hadn't done anything to deal with the issue.

The 18-year-old, of Pittsburgh Road, Halbeath, was also pulled up by the sheriff after sniggering when he appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing.

The court was told Reid had challenged a male to a fight at the Asda Halbeath store but the complainer had no interest in fighting him.

An argument began and the police were called.

The following day Reid was visited by two officers at his home and was arrested but would not listen to what was being said.

He was taken to Dunfermline Police Station and upon arrival began abusing and threatening officers.

Reid struggled as he was taken to a cell and continued to shout and swear, calling police officers "beasts" and told them he knew where they lived.

He also injured himself and had to be taken to hospital.

Sheriff Craig McSherry called Reid out when he sniggered while a narrative was read out to the court.

He said: "Do you think this is funny?". Reid replied: "No".

Defence solicitor Gordon Martin said: "I think that Mr Reid is nervous about being at court and does not think it is funny.

"The witness had been bullying him at Fife College and he made a complaint to the police about being assaulted before they attended his home.

"The police didn't seem to do anything about it and this is why the incident happened at Asda.

"Thereafter he accepts he behaved in the way heard.

"He was arguing about what the witness had done to him but the only person that got hurt from this situation was him, as his finger was caught in the cell at the police station.

"It had to be operated on at hospital and I think it taught him a lesson that he should not lose his temper."

The court heard that Reid had already spent 35 days in custody for the matter and it was his intention to move away from Fife for a fresh start.

Sheriff McSherry told Reid: "You have had the benefit of three supervision requirements and four community payback orders, but they have seemed to do nothing.

"This is a final, final opportunity as far as I am concerned."

The sheriff sentenced him to 150 hours on unpaid work and a four-month restriction of liberty order.