A sacked Rosyth dockyard worker damaged property at his accommodation and jumped in front of his manager's van.

Wayne Holloway was lucky not to injure anyone when he jumped in front of the oncoming vehicle and punched the windscreen.

Police also found cannabis on the worker when they later searched him at Dunfermline Police Station.

Holloway, 32, of Steele Crescent, Middlesbrough, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He previously admitted that on June 1 at Unit 63, Dockyard Digs, Castle Road, he did repeatedly kick the door and force the handle and did maliciously damage same.

Also, at Castle Road, he did culpably and recklessly jump into the path of an oncoming motor van, punch the windscreen of the same, cause same to break and risk injury to the occupants of said vehicle, himself and the lieges.

And, at Dunfermline Police Station, he did have in his possession a controlled drug, namely cannabis.

The court heard that Holloway had been informed by his boss that he was due to be dismissed because of his use of tablets which were causing him to be sleepy at work.

He was told to pack his bags and leave right away but staff later became aware that door handles at the dockyard accommodation had been damaged - some had been snapped off and hidden away.

One manager later in the day was leaving the compound in his van and noticed Holloway. The worker went into the path of the vehicle and punched the windscreen causing it to smash.

The police arrived at the scene and took Holloway to hospital. They later searched him and found 44.5 grams of cannabis and other paraphernalia in his possession.

Defence solicitor Ms Pentecost said her client was employed as a temp in Rosyth and the damaged caused was at the portacabins used for staff accommodation.

"Mr Holloway had been let go from his employment due to concerns about his sleeping tablets and the effects on health and safety at the work site," she said.

"He tells me he does not really remember much of this.

"He went to get things that he had left behind, and he made the stupid decision to damage the property when he could not get in.

"When the police were notified he took more sleeping tablets which put him in a worse state."

Ms Pentecost explained the cannabis was for his own use and because he was working away he had taken a substantial quantity with him.

She added: "He puts his hands up for getting himself in quite a mess with different substances.

"It started off as recreational and it had ended up affecting his employment.

"In the days after he went home to Middlesbrough he ended up in a psychiatric ward for self-harm.

"He tells me that he has managed to stay away from drugs and found further employment which may seem miraculous.

"He has seen CCTV of the incident and he was appalled by his actions."

The court was informed that Holloway had paid for damage through his wages.

Sheriff Craig McSherry fined him £250 and placed him on supervision for 12 months.