A DALGETY BAY sculptor is taking huge steps in seeing his dream of a full-scale Bark Park become a reality.

Visitors from across Scotland have descended on the town to see Denis Carbonaro and his plethora of extravagant handcrafted creations.

His ever-growing property of wonder boasts a wooden woolly mammoth, a galleon ship and spider, as well as other impressive garden features.

Denis has visions of expanding and creating a large sculpture site, where visitors will be guided through an outdoor venue with the aid of giant footprints.

His driveway has been transformed into a 'prototype' for the idea after more than a month of effort.

Denis explains: "I take a lot of pride in investing time and effort into this project.

"I've lost count of how many different creations are here now.

"The old driveway, made of standard slabs, was stripped off, and flattened.

"After 33 days of hard work, my driveway has been transformed into a runway of gigantic footsteps which run through a carpet of fresh grass.

"The same slabs were then carved one by one to build the runway.

"It's an important prototype for the trail that will be a key part of the Bark Park.

"It's a story trail that will guide visitors through the woodlands and discover all the park has."

The former web designer quit his job to pursue the craft he loves, and his ever-growing garden continues to be a popular tourist attraction.

With guided tours from site mascot Haggis the Yeti – a 30kg state-of-the-art design – his Strathbeg Drive home and designs have received a five-star rating on TripAdvisor.

"I'm very pleased with the feedback I have had as the views come from the heart," Denis says.

"You can see photos online of the park but it's completely different in the flesh, in 3D.

"You can't get the real thing from looking at photos, you have to see it in person."

Guided tours can be arranged through the Denis Carbonaro & The Bark Park Facebook page.