A DUNFERMLINE woman was attacked by her partner and her head was repeatedly struck against a wall.

Andrew Gordon, 35, Pleasance Road, Halbeath, went on trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He denied that on June 24, at an address in Dunfermline, he assaulted his former partner, Leeanne Linton, seized her by the shoulders, seized her by the body and repeatedly struck her head against a wall and repeatedly threatened her with violence to her injury.

The court heard that on the day of the incident, neighbours had been sitting out in the sun together and some of them, including Gordon, had been consuming alcohol.

Ms Linton, 42, told the court that afterwards in her home, she had an argument with Gordon and he had left initially.

However, he had then burst back in through the front door, which struck her.

“He grabbed me by the shoulders and was banging my head off the wall. He was screaming and shouting at me,” she said.

She said Gordon then kicked out at a radiator, breaking its cover. “He was saying he was going to punch me in the mouth,” she added.

“My neighbours came to see what the noise was.”

She said it was Gordon, who contacted the police claiming she had threatened him over the phone.

Ms Linton said she had been left with a “massive bruise” on her elbow and injuries to her hip, knee and back.

The couple had been together for around 13 years, had separated and then got back together around two months before the assault.

Gordon was found guilty by Sheriff Craig McSherry who imposed a fine of £500 and ordered him to pay £300 compensation