A FORMER delivery driver has opened leading pizza franchise Papa John’s in Dunfermline.

The new take-away opened its doors on Woodmill Road on Tuesday and has created 15 new jobs in the area.

Siddhartha Chirumamilla (Sid) delivered pizzas while studying for an engineering degree and is delighted to have launched a new shop in Dunfermline, becoming its largest in Fife.

He commented: “Dunfermline is the latest town to be introduced to the delights of Papa John’s Pizza.

“It’s the largest locality in the Fife region and the store is a new build on Woodmill Road, which is in the centre of a new development area.

“With 35,000 households within reach of delivery, Dunfermline now represents an exciting opportunity to reach a wider customer base and grow my portfolio of Papa John’s stores further.

“I used to work for Papa John’s when I was studying for a degree in automobile engineering in London. At the time I would never have guessed a few years down the line I would be managing multiple Papa John’s across the UK!

Sid continued: “Papa John’s pizza is known world-wide for its ‘BETTER INGREDIENTS, BETTER PIZZA’ promise, which means we only use the finest ingredients and fresh dough – never frozen - to create pizzas which are absolutely irresistible! Our customer service also ‘tops the lot’ and so it was important our staff were ready to serve-up our top-class pizza from day one.

“Due to its proximity to my other stores, existing staff have initially been working alongside 15 new local recruits to ensure we deliver on that promise.”