A SCHOOLBOY who beat the bullies to become a dancing maestro has gained a place at a prestigious London musical theatre school. 

Jay Robertson, 10, a pupil at Inverkeithing Primary School, progressed through top competitions to become a UK freestyle champion just after taking up dancing and was featured in the Press last year after his mum told us he continued to do what he loves despite being bullied for it. 

Jay auditioned at West End Kids recently and was told within a matter of hours that he had a place at the school. 

Mum Jennie Kelly told the Press: "He auditioned on Saturday and I got an email that night! 

"We weren't expecting it because it was his first ever audition, never mind for a London school! 

"The challenge now is that we will have to travel back and forth to London every Saturday which may causes issues financially. 

"However, there are kids from all over Europe trying to get a place there so I know this is a huge opportunity for him."

Jay believed he was only auditioning to take part in a week of intense training next year, before West End Kids asked him to join them. 

"They said they could see the potential in him," Jennie said. 

Jay will continue to dance with Starlight Dance Studio in Dunfermline three times a week, so he can take part in competitions. 

Since his appearance in the Press, Jay was also recruited to star in a programme that will air on the BBC next Spring. 

Scottish Mini Disco Divas will follow Jay for two weeks to show just what it takes to become a top dancer. 

Jennie continued: "I'm so happy that we shared his story in the Press because he hasn't experienced any more bullying. 

"Everyone knows him now and it was good for him to show how strong he has to be to do what he does. 

"Even though he's so busy now he still loves it!"