TROUBLEMAKERS in Dalgety Bay are set to be filmed by new high-tech surveillance.

A Domehawk CCTV camera has been installed at Harbour Place where residents have been plagued by anti-social behaviour.

Locals have reported to police incidents of drivers congregating at the public car park and causing a disturbance by blaring loud music, revving their engines, shouting and swearing.

The move to fit the camera has been welcomed by local councillor Dave Dempsey, who said those responsible were, "making life unpleasant for people who don't deserve their lives to be unpleasant".

He told the Press: "The aggravation over this problem comes and goes. The people responsible congregate late at night and cause bother to the people staying there.

"Any attempt by residents do stop them from doing it is met typically by the same dismissive response.

"The camera has proved to be a very effective deterrent in the past and I'm entirely in favour of it.

"I don't think there's been any particular issue that's headline-making but they've certainly been disturbing the piece."

The measure was previously used in the area in the past year before it was repositioned, and the community council praised its impact.

John Wootton, chair of Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council, said: "The last time the camera was fitted here to prevent anti-social behaviour, it worked.

"It does deter that kind of behaviour which residents had complained about.

"They created a lot of noise and it was causing problems to locals, and it does seem that they were causing a lot of disturbance, so hopefully it can work as a deterrent once again.

"Police regularly attend community council meetings and residents can report any incidents to them, and they have done, as it's been quite an issue here."

Police have advised homeowners to report any anti-social behaviour in the area, as well as providing registration numbers of the cars involved.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Over the last few weeks, we have received numerous calls to Harbour Place in relation to anti-social behaviour.

"The public car park there has, once again, become a gathering area for nuisance motorists.

"As before, the camera will not be a permanent solution and may be removed if required elsewhere.

"Residents are encouraged to contact police on 101 if there are any issues and, where possible, provide registration numbers of any vehicles involved.
"Warning letters have already been sent out to some registered keepers and further action may be taken if their behaviour continues."