DALGETY BAY Primary School has been sent to the top of the class after a glowing report from HMI Inspection.

Staff and pupils were praised and inspectors, who visited the school in June, said there was strong leadership with a clear vision, culture of inclusion, openness and trust.

Headteacher Laura Spence said: “I am incredibly proud of the staff and families who have worked so hard to develop our very strong ethos of care and respect,” she said.

“Our school values sit at the heart of everything we do and I am proud of the work that has been undertaken in recent years to further improve the experiences our pupils have on a daily basis. 

“To have this recognised in our inspection is a huge accolade to the school and community.

“We are already under way with our next steps identified by the inspection team and I am confident that the school will continue to flourish.”

The nursery was found to have a “very high standard of provision” and children were said to be happy, secure and confident when engaging in their learning.

The school has very effective approaches to nurture and inclusion, which supports children’s learning and wellbeing and establishes positive and trusting relationships across the school and nursery.

Partnership working was enhancing their knowledge of work, and aspirations and ambition while learning was also well supported by a broad and coherent curriculum.

The consistent approaches to teaching writing across the school was also found to support children to achieve high quality across all stages.

Areas for improvement identified by the inspectors were continuing to improve approaches to assessment to ensure that children could apply their learning in an unfamiliar context and continuing to support children to take increasing responsibility in their leading and becoming more independent in their learning.