ROSYTH residents have been told that progress is finally being made to stop flooding in the town after authorities were slammed for their lack of action.

A public meeting was called for last April after Park Road and surrounding streets were left knee-deep in water after a deluge of heavy rain mixed with melting snow.

Park Road Primary School pupils also had to be evacuated with children hanging onto their parents’ backs to escape the rising water.

Families were livid that the area has been plagued by flooding following years of problems, and SEPA, Scottish Water and Fife Council were told that action needed to be taken.

Danny Hughes, of Rosyth Community Council, said: “There is no quick fix, but they are already doing things about it. They are working together at last. For decades nothing has been done but now we seem to be making progress.”

Heavy rain last week brought the issue – and huge puddles – back into focus and Councillor Sam Steele said: “The three agencies are finally meeting regularly to work on the issue and no longer appear to be working separately. So, progress has been made.

“While we wait for studies to be completed only short-term actions are being made, but in the meantime, people are still putting up with this. It’s just constant sticking plasters.”

Scottish Water representatives told residents in April “they were taking this seriously” but made it clear there was no quick fix and an integrated catchment study in West Fife – to be completed by 2020 – was needed first.

The three authorities will have a stall together at the next Rosyth Community Market to outline the preventive measures that can be taken.

Monitoring equipment has been installed, vegetation and rubbish cleared from burns in the area and, after it was discovered that Fife Council employees gave members of the public wrong information when flooding hit in March, call centre staff have been given extra training to sort out miscommunication issues.

There was flooding in the town last Saturday, but was largely down to fallen leaves blocking grates and was unrelated to past problems.

Fife Council’s Ross Speirs confirmed that the most recent flooding occurred outside 120 Park Road.

He added: “This was caused by autumn leaves blocking a street gully on the carriageway/footway. Fife Council attended and cleared it as soon as possible.

“We are all fully committed to supporting the local community and continuing to work together now and in the future.”