THE arrival of Lidl in Rosyth is making progress after Fife Council granted the store a premises licence.

Planning permission was granted for the supermarket chain in April which is set to create 35 full and part-time jobs.

However, a spokesperson for Lidl said that work is yet to start on the site where the derelict former Yard pub currently stands.

Lidl are set to flatten the pub and use the adjacent Rosyth FC football pitch to build their store and car park.

Danny Hughes, chair of Rosyth Community Council, said: “We’re very excited and pleased that this is going to happen. It will bring further employment into Rosyth and bring more variety as well.

"We haven’t had any residents say to us that they believe it to be a bad idea or not wanting to see this take place.

“The Yard has been an eyesore for some time now and it hasn’t been nice to look at. You don’t want to see any derelict buildings in the town, so it’s going to make a difference here.

“From the community council meetings we’ve had, it’s all been very positive and we haven’t had any naysayers. We’re all for it.”

Members of Fife Council’s west planning committee approved the application in April with the agreement requiring Lidl to find the team somewhere else to play.

The proposed store would see 35 jobs created, with the customer car park comprising 123 parking spaces, including six disabled spaces, seven parent and child spaces and 15 dedicated to the adjacent taxi company.

Rosyth councillor Tony Orton said: “I suppose you could argue whether Rosyth needs another retail outlet? I would perhaps be on the fence a little about that, but I think it will prove beneficial to the town.

“It will also tidy up what is quite an unsightly area. I know that the local NISA store had raised objections, as that’s across the road and it will affect their business.

"But I suppose if it takes just one person to stop plans developing and progressing, then we’d all still be going around in stagecoaches and living in caves.”