WEST FIFERS will see their brown bins collected every four weeks, instead of fortnightly, from December.

The change across the winter months will save Fife Council money and maximise resources at a time when there is less demand to pick up garden waste.

Councillor Ross Vettraino, convener of the environment, protective services and community safety committee, said the new collection regime will start from December 10.

He said: “A recent survey showed that less than seven per cent of Fife residents placed their brown bin out every two weeks during the winter.

“Because there is very little garden waste during the winter, the council is reducing the number of compost/food waste collections over the winter period so that resources, if required, can be redirected to support other waste collection services, which are sometimes stretched due to adverse weather conditions.

"It also means that the council’s recycling points will be serviced more often, particularly during the busy festive season."

The brown bins are also used for food scraps and compost and the two-weekly collections will resume from March 4 next year.

It's the only bin that is changing in collection frequency and the decision was taken by the committee back in January.

Cllr Vettraino said: "There isn’t a problem storing food waste over a longer period over cooler months. As always, the waste should only be placed in compostable liners or newspaper and the bin lid should be kept closed.

"Unlike some other local councils, Fife Council continues to offer this service over the winter months.”