Police said a driver was caught at twice the speed limit on the A92 near to the spot where a nine-year-old boy was killed in 2015. 

And they've said there is 'no excuse' after clocking the driver at 88mph in a 40mph zone. 

Dunfermline couple Robert and Alice Brown have been campaigning for more safety measures on the A92 after their grandson, Logan, was struck by a car and died in February 2015.  

And in June this year they received a commitment for a new pedestrian crossing to try and prevent any further tragic accidents from occurring.  

Police said a sports car was detected at 88mph in the same area, on the A92 near Balfarg, heading south towards Glenrothes, on Friday. 

A statement from the police said: "Safety cameras in Scotland are situated where there has been a history of injury collisions and where speed has been a factor in causing these collisions.

"The 88mph speed recorded on Friday is especially concerning given the history of this particular stretch of road where a nine-year-old boy was sadly killed in 2015.

"Safety Cameras Scotland continues to carry out enforcement across Scotland, including numerous locations on the A92, in an effort to improve driver behaviour."

And Inspector Andy Mather added: “There is no excuse for driving at 88mph in a 40mph limit.

"Drivers have a responsibility to ensure they are complying with the speed limit at all times.

"There is sufficient signage on this road to clearly indicate a 40mph limit applies. Police Scotland continually operates a robust policy in respect of drivers who choose to exceed the speed limit.”

East Safety Camera Unit Manager, Andy Jones, stated: “This is totally unacceptable and reckless conduct – this motorist has shown a complete disregard for their own and others safety.

"I am especially frustrated given the history of this road and am left baffled how anybody could travel at 88mph here and not expect repercussions.

"In this case, the driver will be hearing from us very soon and will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.”