AN EYESORE pub in one "of the best locations in the world" has been granted a premises licence.

The Albert Hotel in North Queensferry has been lying empty since the end of last year and the windows remain boarded up.

Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay councillor Alice McGarry is hoping the owners, believed to be KW Colinton Ltd, are able to revitalise the pub and realise its potential.

She told the Press: "I'm hoping the owners, new or otherwise, make a go of it. It's in one of the best locations in the world.

"The location is perfect and it has such a unique setting. Local people really guarded it and it had a great character. It's a lovely building and it had a great atmosphere inside with an open fire."

Information on the historic building has been hard to come by in the past year, with residents in the area looking to the North Queensferry Community Council for answers.

Iain Mitchell, chair, wishes he had them, and said: "We wish we knew.

“It’s been a source of considerable frustration for quite some time. It remains boarded up but it’s been suggested that work is being carried out inside. The boards aren’t even painted a nice colour. It’s next to a world heritage site and it’s a complete eyesore.

“We’ve had people posting on the community council website and sending us letters asking if we know anything. We keep being asked but we just don’t know.

“At the recent community council meeting, it was raised again but no-one knows. We haven’t a clue what’s happening with it."

David Shields, secretary, added that there was a "strong desire from locals to have the pub re-opened".

He commented: "It’s a missed opportunity not having it open as I think there’s money to be made from it. People visit the area and they want to have food and drink and refreshments when they’re here. It’s in a prominent position, in plain sight of the Forth Bridge."