A KIND-HEARTED roofer is trying to make life a little easier for pensioners who are struggling to pay the bills.

Gordon Brennan, of Calais Roofing, is offering to do small repairs out of his own pocket and is encouraging other businesses to do the same.

Elderly people feeling the pinch can be left with the choice of fixing the boiler or keeping food on the table.

Gordon, 36, from Dunfermline, said: “A friend of mine shared a post about a roofing company in Sunderland who had a customer who was really struggling to pay the bills.

“When they spoke to them they said it was choice between fixing the roof or putting the heating on this winter.

“So, they offered to do it for free.

“I thought it was great idea and a way that me and other trades could help our community.

“If someone needs a tile fixed it’s only going to cost me 60p and 15 minutes of my time – it’s nothing.

“It’s quite scary to think you could be faced with that situation when you’re elderly.

“It’s just awful and it shouldn’t be happening in this day and age.”

Gordon, who has been a roofer for 20 years, is encouraging pensioners who may need a bit of help not to be embarrassed to contact him on 07543 991952 or pop into his office at 43 East Port.

He added: “It could happen to anyone and we need to speak up when we’re struggling.

“I have lots of friends who are self-employed who think it’s a great idea so hopefully some good can come of this.”