ROAD Safety at Bellyeoman Primary School is in good hands after a group of pupils were chosen to lead the way in raising awareness of the issue.

Primary 6 youngsters Daniel Smart and Joshua Falconer, along with Primary 7s Molly Austin, Andrew Adam and Kathleen Nguyen have been selected to be Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) at the Dunfermline school.

Class teacher Elaine Little said the scheme empowers the JRSOs by giving them the opportunity to plan and lead competitions and learning events to highlight road safety.

“They hope to work alongside their fellow pupils, parents and local community in improving road safety for all in and around Bellyeoman Primary School,” she said.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for them in 2018’s Year of Young People and we look forward to benefitting from their fantastic ideas!

"It is hugely important to the school as ‘Safe’ is one of our three core school values.”