A HOMELESS man wanted to spend the night inside a Tesco store and refused to leave when staff were trying to lock up.

David Berry, 48, had left the James Bank Hostel where he had been staying and made his way to the supermarket where he lay down under a stairway.

The incident led to him being arrested when he started shouting and swearing at police.

Berry spent the weekend in the cells and appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that last Friday, at Tesco, Winterthur Lane, Dunfermline, he repeatedly refused to leave the premises, shouted and swore.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said: “At 11pm, police officers were instructed to attend at the Tesco store.

“Staff had made a call about the accused lying under a stairwell and refusing to leave. When officers arrived, the accused was still lying there.

“It was explained to him that the store was closing and he was asked to move away.

“He became abusive and belligerent shouting: 'I’ve got nowhere to f****** go.'

Members of the public were looking on as Berry continued to shout and swear, the court was told. “I’m not f****** moving,” he insisted before he was then arrested and taken to Dunfermline police station.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said: “He had left the homeless hostel across the road from here and didn’t want to go back.”

Sheriff Craig McSherry said: “Tesco staff want to go home at that time of night when they finish their work.”

Mr Flett admitted: “There is a nuisance value to it.” He added that his client had now been given a property by the council in Dunfermline.

Sheriff McSherry fined Berry £200.