ROSYTH Fish Bar has been hailed the best chippy in town – by the 41st Rosyth Scouts!

The group conducted a chippy challenge test on a tour of Rosyth giving shops a mark out of five for the three Ts: Taste, Temperature and Texture.

The rules were it had to be traditional chip shop within Rosyth, one large portion of chips would be bought to share out with salt as the only accompaniment and each Scout had to eat at least two chips before giving their mark.

Additional marks were given for speed of service and value for money.

Only three shops qualified for the challenge including Rosyth Fish Bar, Marinis and Bravo 1.

Armed with clipboards and pens, the Scouts set off on a dry October evening to conduct their secret test. It was also made clear that NO Scout leaders would have any input!

Ali McGregor, assistant leader of the 41st Rosyth Scouts, said: "We wanted to try to do something a little different so we gave them a few hints about food!

"Someone suggested we could do a survey and they went about organising what they needed to do.

"They took it quite seriously!"

After deliberation on the scores, Rosyth Fish Bar was announced as the clear winner. The Scouts even presented the owners with a special certificate.

"The owners were really chuffed! It was completely out of the blue for them but they appreciated it," Ali said.

"They offered us free chips and juice but we said we couldn't possibly take them because we wanted to show this was a serious survey!

"I'm told that Rosyth Fish Bar have proudly put their certificate in their window! I'm sure some of our Scouts are now thinking of a career as a food critic.

"It was definitely a good laugh!"