TOUCH will finally hear the sound of church bells again after 20 years.

St Margaret’s Parish Church has spent a quarter of a million pounds on a restoration project for a new roof and to get their bell finally working again.

The church moved to Abel Place in 1976 from Dunfermline town centre and the bell, which dates from 1813, went with them.

The former premises were built in the 1870s so finding out where this bell is from remains a mystery.

The Rev Iain Greenshields told the Press: “We are all wondering where this bell has come from so if anyone knows anything, please let us know!

“We’ve been waiting a long time to restore it so it was a momentous occasion on Tuesday to have it back after the end of a long project.

“It weighs about 250lbs and took two guys to carry it!

“Church bells were not made in Scotland until the 1840s so this bell must have come from somewhere else.

“It could be from England but it obviously has a story so we’ll be glad if anyone has any information.”

Funding was given by the Fife Environment Trust, while the congregation also raised money for about two years before the work was started.

The Rev Greenshields added: “The bell had not been working for 20 years at least.

“I think it stopped when someone complained, and it got to the stage where it couldn’t be rung anymore.

“The people of Touch will occasionally be woken by the sound of bells now but a lot of the community have actually said they are excited to hear them!

“Some people have never heard them before and it’s a novelty I guess.”