WEST FIFE’S Muslim community celebrated an important date in their calendar by handing out roses in Dunfermline.

Dunfermline Central Mosque, in collaboration with the As Siraat charity, took part in the annual national project aiming to engage with the wider public by talking about Islam’s values of peace on the High Street.

It fell as the Islamic community also celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ajaz Mohammed, chair of the mosque, told the Press: “The outreach offers people an insight into the values of the Islam religion by handing out flowers and ‘Eid’ cards which tell you a little bit more about the Prophet.

“We find that people are often curious and do not realise that we celebrate the Prophet’s birth, just like Christians at Christmas for Jesus, so it’s an important day for us.

“On Monday, most families would have some sort of festive day with dinner and prayers and they’ll give each other gifts.

“We will attend each other’s mosques in the area too so on Sunday we were in Dundee for a big celebration and on December 9, likewise people from all over Scotland will be coming to Dunfermline so we can all celebrate together.”

The mosque has been involved in a lot of inter-faith work in recent months. Just a couple of weeks ago, Imam Habibur Rahman was asked to speak at ‘Time for Reflection’ at the Scottish Parliament.

The Imam also did a speech at an event on Islamophobia where he met Nicola Sturgeon.

Ajaz added: “It is a big honour for our mosque to be a part of these things.

“We’ve been working hard to engage with the community and other faiths.

“We try to do as much outreach as we can to break stereotypes and offer a hand of friendship so people are shown something other than what they see in the media.”