PARENTS parking on forbidden areas at Dunfermline and West Fife schools is a “recurring problem” for Fife Council.

Schools in the area have been visited 34 times throughout the year as the local authority clamps down on drivers ignoring road markings.

A total of 40 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) have been issued to motorists who have parked on ‘keep clear’ spaces. And the council’s Ken Gourlay said: “Parents parking on school ‘keep clear’ markings is still a recurring problem although the number of requests for attendance at schools has decreased over the last few years, despite a reminder to headteachers which could indicate that there are less problems than before.”

He commented that parents often drive away when a parking attendant (PA) is present at the school.

“The main issue in terms of enforcement is that parents tend to be sitting in their vehicles and move when the PA’s appear so that only a few PCN’s have been issued for this offence,” he said.

“However, the presence of PA’s and police officers at schools continue to have a beneficial effect in educating parents.”

School visits are scheduled in response to requests for enforcement although known problem areas are also targeted on an ad hoc basis.

Carnegie Primary School on Pittsburgh Road was the most attended in Fife during 2015/16, with parking problems attracting 15 appearances by attendants.

It has seen a significant drop since then, with just three this year after a ‘no waiting at any time’ rule was put in place at Kellock Avenue , following concerns for kids’ safety in trying to get to school.

Problems at Park Road PS in Rosyth resulted in eight visits in 2015/16, but the school had just one visit since. Twelve schools across West Fife have seen a reduced number in the past two years.

Camdean and Park Road reported no problems in 2017/18, as did Crossford PS and St Joseph’s RC PS in Kelty.

Mr Gourlay added: “The council’s PA’s continue to work closely with Police Scotland in attending primary schools to deal with parking infringements. Following last year’s annual report all headteachers were reminded of the procedure should they require the assistance of the PA’s at their school.

“In 2017/18, there were 161 visits and 40 PCN’s issued for parking on school keep clear markings. This compares with 132 visits and 26 PCN’s the previous year.”