A WOMAN who made up a bogus allegation of being attacked and robbed after taking money from an ATM has been jailed.

Lisa Carcary, now of Dunfermline, said she been knocked to the ground by a named female and robbed of £90 in Lochgelly.

The alleged attacker later told police Carcary was a well-known drug addict who was hoping to get money from her false accusations.

Carcary, 28, of Golfdrum Street, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

She admitted that between June 14 and 17 last year at Lumphinnans Road, Lochgelly, she falsely told police officers that she had been assaulted and robbed by a named woman when she knew these claims to be untrue, wasted police time and public money and placed the woman under suspicion of having committed a crime.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said: “The accused contacted the police saying she’d been the victim of a robbery.

“She said that at 2.15am she’d withdrawn £90 from an ATM in Lochgelly. She was in Main Street when she was assaulted by a female, knocked to the ground and had £90 stolen.”

When police investigated the incident, CCTV and other evidence did not back up Carcary’s tale.

The woman involved said she rarely went out at night because she had her children to look after.

The depute added: “The woman also said that the accused is well known in the area as a drug addict and she thought she was trying to get a crisis loan through this.”

The court was told Carcary remembered little of what she had said to the police having consumed a litre of vodka along with Valium.

Sheriff Craig McSherry jailed Carcary for four months.