We've received a report of five pilot whales just off the coast of Culross. 

George Connelly MBE, a former chair of Culross Community Council, got in touch with the Press and took this photo of the animals to the west of the pier. 

He said: "One appears to be injured and the others are staying close by to protect it and are attempting to move out to deeper water. 

"Animal rescue experts on site as at 11.10 this morning."

British Divers Marine Life Rescue, a voluntary network of trained marine mammal medics, confirmed they are at the scene. 

Tim Collins, of Culross Community Council, said: "I'm just back and there's a good crowd watching from the shore. The professionals are on the case so they've got all the help they need.

"We've got the whale rescue van down in the car park just now and they're trying to shepherd the whales out into deeper water. 

"It's difficult to say how it's going, it's early days. The whales were only spotted a couple of hours ago." 

More to follow on this story.