A DUNFERMLINE man destroyed an £800 iPhone in Coadys then struggled violently with police who tried to detain him.

A witness was on the dance floor when they found the phone and told the accused Graham Kinnell to give it to the DJ and he said he would. 

Later, another witness realised she did not have her phone and alerted the DJ who made an announcement but nobody came forward. 

It transpired that the phone had been thrown on the ground, stamped on and put in a bin. The device was discovered through the 'Find my iPhone' tool. 

The police were called and Kinnell was pointed out as the person responsible for the damage but he went off. 

Officers found him on the High Street and he swore at them. They observed something white in his hands but Kinnell refused to give it over, lashing out. 

A struggle ensued for some time as police tried to arrest him and they had to call for back-up.

Kinnell, 28, of Gorrie Street, previously admitted that on August 5, at Pilmuir Street, he did, without reasonable excuse, wilfully or recklessly destroy or damage the property belonging to another and threw a mobile phone on the ground and stamped on it. 

Also, on High Street, he assaulted a police officer then in the execution of his duty and spat at him and attempted to bite him on the hand and did resist, obstruct or hinder two police officers then in the execution of their duty and struggled with them, lashing out violently with his arms and legs.

Sentence was deferred for reports until January 9.