A DULOCH woman has slated ScotRail and branded their services the “worst they’ve ever been” after a series of cancellations.

The 7.12 and 7.26 ScotRail trains from Inverkeithing to Edinburgh were both cancelled last Wednesday, creating “absolute carnage” on the platform.

A Virgin train then arrived at the station with a steward informing passengers the service was full and they would have to wait on the next service.

Karen Drummond told the Press that it became an “absolute nightmare for passengers” following the previous two delays.

“We were all packed together liked cattle,” she said.

“I’ve been commuting for more than 10 years and this is the worst it’s ever been. You had three trains of passengers ready to board the one train. They never seem to put on enough carriages and it’s becoming a regular occurrence.

“I travel from Inverkeithing to Edinburgh Park every day and I didn’t get into my work until 8.35am on Wednesday, despite needing to start at 8am.”

When asked if it was an isolated incident, she laughed and commented: “Oh no, this happens all the time. I’m lucky I can be flexible with my hours, so if I’m late in, I just work till later. Others don’t have that option.

“There was a young man standing on the platform who was starting his first job this week who wasn’t able to get in to start at 8am. He was panicking. I felt bad for him as it’s not a great impression to give to your employers but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“It’s got to the point where I’m considering travelling by car instead. The infrastructure just isn’t there.

“The service is shocking.”

Back in November last year, the Press launched our Crush Hour campaign highlighting the overcrowded and unreliable services West Fifers are forced to put up with on their daily commute.

Such is Karen’s frustration with ScotRail, she’s encouraging staff with the rail operator to experience a day in the life of a commuter for themselves.

She said: “I want ScotRail to put on more carriages for the Fife Circle and to stop cancelling so many trains.

“I would also invite someone from ScotRail to come to Inverkeithing and hear first-hand from commuters what it’s like every morning.

“There’s always delays, and I feel this is the worst it’s ever been.

“I stopped buying a monthly pass as you simply don’t get what you pay for.”

A ScotRail spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to customers in Fife who have experienced disruption to their journey.

“Anyone delayed by 30 minutes or more is entitled to claim for compensation through our Delay Repay Guarantee on the ScotRail website or mobile app.”