A ROSYTH man who called for the power of the Press to help to have a grit bin near his sheltered housing complex returned looks to have had his wish granted.

During bad weather earlier in the year, when the Beast from the East struck, Robert Delany, 62, helped to dig his neighbours out of their snowbound Walter Hay Court homes. 

However he feared he would be unable to do that anymore because the "vital" facility had been taken away following a decision by Fife Council.

Mr Delany said: “I got up last Tuesday morning and tried to go through the car park and I was skating all over the shop. 

"If an ambulance was to try to get down here, they might have problems.

“I am not expecting the council to come out but I can’t dig us all out again if I don’t have a grit bin."

Mr Delany said he had worked hard to clear the roads and paths around his complex when the last spell of bad weather occurred, when snow and ice blanketed the streets and pavements.

“The council were nowhere to be seen, which I can understand, but if you are not on the main road then there should be a grit bin,” he said. 

"It is council sheltered housing and they were all struggling today (Tuesday) to get to the big house where they are having a coffee morning. 

“None of the paths had been gritted and I would have gritted them without any complaint if there was a grit bin.”

As reported previously in the Press, grit bins around West Fife were removed last month after a council review of winter service policy led to a reduction in their number around the area.

Dunfermline resident Liane Harvey, who lives in Craigston Park, voiced her concerns about the loss of their bin, fearing a car could end up in her front garden again due to the removal. 

Tracey Frain, of Shaw Street, had also vented her anger about the lack of grit when the bin that served her road was taken away.

Last month, Ms Frain thanked the Press for our help in having their 'lifeline' bin returned.

And now it looks like Mr Delany's pleas will be answered with the council confirming that due to "local concern", a grit bin will be available for residents at Walter Hay Court.

Fife Council service manager for roads maintenance, Bill Liddle, said: “Where residents think there is a particular case for keeping a bin in a specific location, we have been happy to review the case and discuss concerns.

“There were two bins here previously and we’ve taken one away. 

"However, given the local concern we will arrange to return this one.”

When informed that it was set to return, Mr Delany was delighted.

“Thanks very much to the Press,” he added. 

“I know it seems like a small thing but it will make a difference.”