LAZY fly-tippers have dumped their rubbish just ONE minute away from Dalgety Bay Recycling Centre.

Pieces of scrap have been left at Cochrane Way, a 60-second car ride from the local recycling facility.

Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay councillor Dave Dempsey told the Press the site had attracted dumping in the past.

He said: “I know that it’s in an area where for ages waste has been left in small quantities.

“It’s a place that is out of sight as it were and I guess that makes it quite appealing for some people.

“It could be the same people that’s done it in the past, you can’t really tell. It has the same attraction to the people that smash windows in unoccupied buildings. They obviously wouldn’t do that to occupied ones, so I think this area suffers from being easily accessible to people.

“It’s out of the way and out of sight and that makes it appealing.”

Fife Council is aware of the issue and local safety officers are dealing with the eyesore.

Dawn Jamieson, safer communities team manager, said: “We’re aware of fly-tipping at this location. Officers are carrying out investigations into the dumped waste. Our enquiries are ongoing.”