A DUNFERMLINE drink-driver who was nearly SEVEN times over the limit has been banned from driving for 20 months. 

George Fleming was so drunk before he even got in his silver Hyundai he was seen by a witness “staggering” about a car park with no shoes on. 

By the time police had found him, he had consumed even more alcohol and was eating a takeaway in his car. 

Fleming, 56, of Colton Terrace, previously admitted that on August 25, on William Street, Dunfermline, he drove a motor vehicle after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion in his breath was 148 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath which exceeded the prescribed limit of 22 microgrammes. 

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia told Dunfermline Sheriff Court that the incident took place shortly before 6.15pm. 

A witness saw Fleming staggering about within a car park without any shoes on and then observed him getting in and out of his car. 

“He appeared to be under the influence,” Mr Kapadia said. 

The witness went out to his own car in the car park when he saw a bottle of alcohol next to the silver Hyundai. He then observed Fleming staggering back to the car again. 

The witness was concerned about the accused’s behaviour and the safety of others, so he contacted the police. 

Fleming then reversed out of the car park. 

When police arrived, the car had gone but they asked for a description of the vehicle. 

When they traced him, Fleming was alone and a smell of alcohol was coming from the car as he ate a chip shop takeaway. 

Fleming gave a positive reading during the roadside breath test. At the police station he gave a reading nearly seven times over the current limit. 

Defence solicitor James Moncrieff said his client accepted that he had difficulties with alcohol. 

“He had driven the vehicle to get food,” Mr Moncrieff explained. 

“He subsequently drunk alcohol before the police arrived but he had been drinking before. 

“I am surprised that he completed the journey at all and drove the car without any incident. He is ashamed and is aware that driving with that amount of alcohol could have had serious consequences.”

He said that Fleming had been in contact with his GP to get support since the incident and he had no intention to drive in the future having handed over his keys when he left the police station. 

Sheriff Pino Di Emidio imposed a community payback order with 160 hours’ unpaid work as well as disqualifying Fleming from driving for 20 months.