A HEROIN addict dragged his partner down Aberdour High Street after a drinking session.

When police found John Angles he was sat on top of the female, pinning her down. 

Angles, 40, of Segal Place, Dunfermline, previously admitted that on November 27, at High Street, Aberdour, he assaulted his partner and pushed her on the body, causing her to fall to the ground, pulled her by the body, sat astride her and punched her on the body. 

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia explained to Dunfermline Sheriff Court that Angles had moved into his own address in January this year and the complainer was his neighbour. The two became friendly and a relationship began. 

“The complainer described the relationship as volatile down to her being an alcoholic and him being a heroin addict,” Mr Kapadia said. 

The relationship came to an end in September after an incident which led to a court appearance in Kirkcaldy. Defence solicitor Mr Stewart explained the matter before the court in September which led to the end of the relationship but the pair then met on the date in question in November. 

On that occasion, the court was told they had been out drinking at a local bar and then left together. At around 5pm, a neighbour heard the accused shouting and swearing and then saw him push the woman on the body. Thereafter, they watched Angles drag her along the ground and throw a punch towards her body although they could not make out if he followed through. 

“He does try to place some of the blame on her drinking problems but Mr Angles knows that he was also drinking on the day,” Mr Stewart said. 

“He knows he is in a bad position down to his record.”

Sheriff Pino Di Emidio imposed a community payback order with two years’ supervision which requires him to take part in the domestic work programme group.