OH NO he isn’t! The audience at the Alhambra had a good old chuckle when Provost Jim Leishman was dealt a custard pie on stage on Christmas Eve. 

The Provost of Fife made an appearance during the matinee performance of the Sleeping Beauty pantomime. 

Jim took part in a Yes or No game with the Alhambra Dame (Billy Mack) and Alan Orr, who played Sully Wullie.

The audience had to determine whether or not Jim Leishman was the real Jim or an imposter!

Alan Orr also dressed up as the Dunfermline legend and both were asked questions on stage to determine their real identity. 

However, it seems that Alan Orr was the more convincing one, fooling everybody in the Alhambra.

The real Jim Leishman received a custard pie in the face on stage in front of the audience, much to their amusement!

Claire Fletcher, PR manager for the Alhambra, said everyone at the theatre was delighted to welcome Jim to the stage. 

“Thank you to Jim Leishman for being a good sport and taking part in our pantomime on Christmas Eve,” she said. “It was a treat for the audiences to have Jim appear in the show.”

Sleeping Beauty ran during December, and welcomed more than 25,000 patrons through the Alhambra doors.