A DISPUTE in a works van turned physical with the driver being grabbed and pushed, causing him to swerve about the road then pull into the hard shoulder.

The incident happened on the motorway just outside Dunfermline as a decorator drove back from Edinburgh to Glenrothes.

Robert Steen had given Michael Jhoomun a few days’ work and ended up regretting it with the two of them at loggerheads.

When Mr Steen told Jhoomun he was back out of work, the argument became violent.

As a result, Jhoomun, 50, formerly of Burntisland and now living at Linksfield, Tayport, went on trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court and was found guilty of three charges.

On July 14, on the M90 near junction 2a, Dunfermline, he culpably and recklessly seized hold of Robert Steen, who was then driving a motor van causing it to swerve across the carriageway onto the hard shoulder.

He behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting and challenging Robert Steen to a fight.

He also stole Mr Steen’s mobile phone during the same incident.

Sheriff Charles MacNair called for reports with sentencing taking place on February 6.