BABY Levi was the first Dunfermline new-born to be welcomed in to the world in 2019.

He arrived at 3.19am on New Year's Day, weighing a healthy 8lbs 3ozs, joining mum and dad Kelly and James Proudfoot and five other siblings!

Levi is the sixth child of Kelly, 40 and James, 46, who have been married for 15 years. Their other children are Cameron, 17, Kiera, 13, Kody, 11, Jacob, 4 and Noah, 17 months, and the family live at Birnam Gardens.

Kelly, a supervisor at Sky TV, told the Press: "Levi did well to keep his eyes open to get a photo for the Press!

"He is my sixth child and he just slots in perfectly into the family – so far so good!

"I was a bit worried about how I would cope with six children!

"I thought it might be a huge step but he's great!

"The midwives didn't have much time for a rest, as another little girl arrived and then Levi came just a few minutes later!”

Although she has five other children, Kelly has never given birth on such a celebrated day, which she said was "special".

"I'm just glad Levi never came on Christmas Day!" Kelly added. "I don't know how I would have coped with all the others!

"He was due on December 28, so it was really special for us that he arrived on New Year's Day.

"The maternity ward was very calm. I didn't have any special plans to bring in the New Year as you can imagine but the atmosphere was great.

"The midwives said they tried their best but unfortunately there were no 12.01 babies!"

Kelly is also from a big family. Her mum also had six children.

She added: "We never planned to have a big family. The kids are just great, they all help out, our motto is 'Team work makes the dream work!'

"So, we thought, OK, let's have more! I'm having no more now though!"