A DALGETY BAY man says he has saved the NHS "tens of thousands of pounds" by shedding five stone.

George Boyd had been battling weight issues for 30 years but as a diabetic, his health reached an all-time low when he was told by medical staff he would need Bariatric surgery.

Although cynical at first, he joined his local Slimming World after a bit of encouragement from his wife, and after just a year dropped five stone.

"I had tried everything you can imagine to try and get my eating and substantial weight under control with, to be very candid, little success," George said.

"About two years back, this finally came to a head with a very bad diabetic meeting, with numbers off the scale, and it was time to do something.

"By this point I was on Insulin-R (five-times the normal strength) and taking more and more each time. I was a mess to be honest.

"After many discussions with the specialist it was agreed that I would be put on the waiting list for Bariatric surgery – my last hope before something fell off!"

George's wife had already lost six stone and it was the inspiration he needed to drop the weight.

He thought slimming groups were just for women but eventually decided he had nothing to lose.

He added: "I was cynical – OK for my Mrs but not for me. Boy was I wrong.

"After just under a year, I have dropped five stone, my BMI has gone from 38 to 25. I have come off Insulin-R and now I'm on standard insulin.

"I have reduced my pills each day from 18 per day to just two. I have also dropped 14 inches from my waist.

"The very best thing is I feel I have added 10 years at least to my life, if not more.

"On top of all the reductions in medication, not having to go through Bariatric surgery and hopefully less diabetic complications in future is a massive bonus for us all.

"It was estimated that I would save the NHS tens of thousands of pounds just this year by losing weight."

George meets at his local Slimming World once a week and he said: "If anything, I'd say to other men just give it a go. You have nothing to lose other than the weight you've always wanted to shed. It might just change your life like mine."

Dalgety Bay Slimming World group meets every Wednesday at 5.50pm and 7.30pm at the Dalgety Bay Sailing Club.