A DUNFERMLINE manufacturing plant is leading the way in providing state-of-the-art-equipment to make sure Russians don't run out of crisps.

Precia Molen, based at Pitreavie Business Park, have just completed their biggest project to date for food manufacturing powerhouse PepsiCo.

Now two 27-tonne 'tipping points' will get transported by road all the way to Russia and Ukraine so that potatoes can be delivered 24/7 to make Lay's crisps, otherwise known as Walkers.

The company makes weighing equipment for all sorts of industries. They even store the weights for the annual Cambridge versus Oxford boat race and have just installed equipment for the manufacturer who makes McDonald's chicken nuggets.

Business is booming and they're even looking to expand their premises in Dunfermline in the near future.

Marina Campbell, managing director, said: "It's been a challenging time as we're still managing our orders from other customers!

"PepsiCo are a huge company so it's exciting.

"When they're shipped to Russia and Ukraine our engineers will also go out to install so it's a big operation."

Design and production manager Chris Watt added: "You might think, 'Why don’t they just get a tipper lorry to deliver the potatoes?' but, seemingly, legislation over there means these vehicles are not allowed on the road at weekends.

"But the crisp factory needs potatoes 24/7. The only vehicle they can have doesn't tip and that's where our equipment comes in.

"You won't see really equipment like this in the UK because we just don't have that problem.

"This is the biggest manufacturing product or project that we have undertaken in the history of this company, I would say."

The manufacturing plant in Dunfermline was previously owned by Shering up until 2014.

The family business started in 1947 in Edinburgh but moved over to Inverkeithing and then the business park in 1991.

French firm Precia Molen took it over when Mr Shering decided to retire; they are also a family company but have premises throughout the world, including Brazil, China and Australia.

However, the company still has a local presence with around 30 peoplewho work at the Pitreavie site, all of them residing in West Fife.

The workforce has been able to share their expertise with the global market, providing exciting opportunities, and more high-skill jobs to the area.

"We're currently recruiting for two apprentices through Fife College," Marina said. "We're also recruiting for other positions and have new start-ups beginning next week.

"We've bought new land at the back of the site and hope to expand in the future.

"Our production schedule is full until the middle of March.

"Business is good!

"Joining a global company has been a big thing, we can expand what we do here by working with our sister sites.

"Brexit is an issue for our industry because we follow ECC standards; nobody knows what's going to happen.

"But it hasn't put us off taking on work and we're up for the challenge!"

Chris added: "We're keen to bring in young people that want to learn a skill and want to be part of a team. And you don't have to speak French!"