A STUDENT midwife assaulted a police officer after realising that a pub assault had ruined her chances of pursuing her chosen career.

Gemma Henderson, 34, of Chamberfield Road, Dunfermline, had headbutted a woman in Coady’s pub before carrying out the second attack.

Appearing for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court yesterday (Wednesday), she had previously admitted that on April 29, at the Pilmuir Street premises, she assaulted a woman, seized her by the hair and butted her on the head, all to her injury.

Henderson also assaulted a police officer, then in execution of her duty, on April 30 by kicking her on the body repeatedly.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said a woman and her father had been out drinking and had both gone to Coady’s at about 10.30pm where Henderson was drinking.

Words were exchanged and Henderson grabbed the woman by the hair and butted her once to the face, striking her nose and mouth area.

“Blood immediately poured from her nose and she was pulled away by a number of people within the pub,” said Mr Kapadia. “This effectively started off a small scuffle between other patrons within the pub and essentially people trying to break it up got involved in this.”

The court was told that when police went to Henderson’s house, she told them that that the incident was going to “ruin her job” so she would be just as well fighting with the police. While attempts were made to restrain her, she kicked a police officer repeatedly on the legs.

Solictor Ian Beatson said his client accepted she had consumed “a fair amount” of drink. 
“She appears to have made a poor decision once she had consumed alcohol,” he told the court. “She realised the implication of what she had done in relation to the earlier incident. 

“She cannot become a midwife now and was angry at that stage when police came into her house.”

Sheriff Robert McDonald said both offences were “unprovoked acts” of violence.

“I require to give careful consideration as to whether or not I should send you to prison,” he said. “I have reached the conclusion that a community disposal is appropriate.”

He placed her on a community payback order with supervision for 12 months and a requirement to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work within nine months.

She was also placed on a restriction of liberty order for eight weeks, requiring her to remain in her home from 8pm until 6am.