A SHERIFF has told a Dunfermline man his evidence was laughable and warned him he could throw him in jail.

David Usher, 37, of Tuke Street, threatened to “chib” his community payback order supervisor following a dispute about unpaid work.

He told Dunfermline Sheriff Court the supervisor was “always in my face” but he denied making the threat.

However, finding the order was breached, Sheriff James MacDonald was scathing in his comments about Usher, describing him as “a stranger to the truth”.

The sheriff said Usher’s evidence was “a festival of mendacity to reach the point of being comedic”.

He revoked the order, called for reports and Usher will be sentenced on February 27.

The sheriff warned Usher he could be facing a jail sentence and told him: “You would be well advised to get your affairs in order before then.”

In May last year, a community payback order was imposed on Usher with two years’ supervision and 225 hours of unpaid work.

This was his sentence for sending threatening and offensive text messages to his partner, making offensive remarks and threats to damage property.

Usher denied breaching the order and a proof hearing took place at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Usher claimed that two female social workers lied on oath at the hearing.

He admitted that on one occasion, he had not turned up for unpaid work and had gone instead to college.

He also admitted he did not get on well with an unpaid work supervisor but denied threatening to “chib” him.

This was said to a female social worker but Usher told the court she had been making it up.

However, depute fiscal Dev Kapadia put it to Usher in the dock that he was the one “making it up as you go along” and that his evidence was “utterly ridiculous”.