PATROLS will be increased in Crombie to catch owners who fail to clean up after their pets.

Councillor Tony Orton said the issue was a persistent problem and the village residents' association had tried just about everything to prevent people from leaving dog mess.

A resident said she had witnessed enforcement officers putting signs around the village to encourage the public to give them tip-offs and they would even do stake-outs to catch culprits.

However, Fife Council said that instead patrols would be increased, although there are incidents when officers work out of uniform to aid identifying offenders.

Cllr Orton said: "It's been happening for a long, long time. The majority of people are good citizens and pick it up, but a minority don't.

"What's most disgusting is that dog mess is predominantly left in the playpark where children go.

"At the residents' association we have tried all sorts but, in every newsletter, there are two issues that always come up and dog-fouling is one of them.

"We've even tried naming and shaming, just about everything short of actually taking a photo of someone.

"It's an ongoing problem that we don't seem to have resolved.

"This is not unique to Crombie though, especially at this time of year."

If someone does not clean up after their dog, then they could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice with a fine of £80.

Safer communities officers are responsible for dealing with dog-fouling complaints and say they rely on the public to help them identify offenders.

Cllr Orton added: "These people who offend seem to go out first thing in the morning or in the evening when no-one sees them so they're difficult to find.

"I think the issue is a bit of a hot potato for people in Crombie at the moment.

"The thing is, there is a limited number officers for the whole of Fife and the chances they are going to catch them are slim.

"It all comes down to people just being good citizens."

Dawn Jamieson, team manager for safer communities, said: "We rely on the public coming forward and reporting instances of dog-fouling to the council.

"Information that helps us to identify an offender and the best time to catch them walking their dog is very useful and allows us to increase patrols in these areas.

"On occasion, officers may patrol out of uniform or make use of the mobile CCTV unit to help with catching these irresponsible offenders.

"You can report dog-fouling online at or phone 03451 55 00 22."