FIFE COUNCIL is to ramp up patrols as Lloyds Banking Group staff continue to cross the double-yellow line.

Staff from the bank have been leaving their cars on the double-yellows outside the contact centre at Pitreavie Business Park.

The council is now set to re-draw the lines and increase patrols to clamp down on the problem.

The Press reported last year that snack van Wee Jamie's Diner, on Pitreavie Way, was losing business as hungry customers were driving past them as Lloyds staff parked in spaces used by regulars.

Dunfermline Central councillor Garry Haldane has urged the banking group to take action.

He told the Press: "This is a responsibility that Lloyds need to take seriously as they are not being a responsible neighbour at this point in time.

"The problem we have is that Lloyds have moved all their staff from the dockyard offices up to the Pitreavie office but they have not put extra parking facilities in their own grounds.

"They did, I was told, inform Fife Council this was in their plans but so far nothing has happened regarding this. It has been three years to date.

"The council are limited in what they can do but they are working on it. I would suggest that Lloyds rent a vacant property within the industrial estate to ease the parking problem. The same as Royal Mail had to do when they had to stop using the railway car park and are now leasing the car park at the rear of Asda St Leonard's."

Lloyds have said this week that steps have been taken to address the issue.

The contact centre now has a car-parking attendant supporting colleagues in using the on-site parking.

A car-share option is also being trialled in a bid to reduce the volume of cars in the area, and other options are also being discussed.

A spokesperson for Lloyds Banking Group said: "We take this matter very seriously. A number of initiatives have been introduced to keep the use of other nearby spaces to a minimum but we understand there is still work to do. We will continue to engage the local authority to discuss options as we look for a prompt resolution.”

Fife Council started to re-draw the lines on Monday and weather permitting, it was to be completed by the end of this week.

The authority said drivers had suggested to them that it was unclear whether they could park on the grass verge or not – despite the double-yellow lines in front of it.

Phil Clarke, lead consultant, said: "We are in the process of getting the lining refreshed to ensure the waiting restrictions are enforceable. We will then be enforcing the restrictions which also cover the footways and grass verge behind the carriageway. Additional parking capacity is the responsibility of Lloyds."