WEST Fife Enterprise has announced it faces closure unless sustainable funding is found.

Over the last ten years, the organisation has worked with 1455 unemployed people to help them gain confidence, qualifications and employability skills.

However they say they are now looking at the prospect of closing its doors which will lead to job losses and the end of vital support for hundreds of Fife's long-term unemployed.

General Manager Simon Warr said it would be a "tragic decision" to have to make.

"As an organisation that grew up from the mass unemployment that was caused by the closing of the mining industry across the West Fife villages in the 1980s, it's ironic that we will no longer be able to help those most in need of support gain employment, and will actually have to make our staff team unemployed," he said.

"Although employment is currently at the highest level for 40 years, those that are unemployed have greater barriers to gaining employment than those already in employment face when looking to change jobs. That is why the work we do, with the people we work with, is so vital.

"We welcome the opportunity for funders – from the Scottish Government to Fife Council to independent trusts – to consider how they might sponsor, fund or support the organisation to help stop unemployed people staying out of work.

“We will continue to keep our staff, participants, and the public up to date with any developments regarding funding. Our focus right now is to continue to deliver a quality service to our unemployed participants.”

West Fife Enterprise Chairperson, Janet McCauslin MBE, expressed her regret at the situation.

"It was with a heavy heart that the Board of Directors advised the staff team of the current situation," she added.

"Sadly policy changes over a period of years have led to West Fife Enterprise’s core business reducing to such an extent that the organisation is no longer financially viable.

"We trust that other similar organisations in Fife may be able to fill the gap in providing employment training and job seeking support to Fife residents where we are not."