A ROSYTH man who was caught breaking into a resident’s car on Woodside Street by a neighbour has been fined. 

Anthony Mcguinness' solicitor explained that he had fallen on hard times after waiting for a Universal Credit payment. 

He appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court yesterday (Wednesday). 

Depute fiscal Catherine Fraser explained that the owner of the vehicle had parked it on the street outside their home. 

At 3.20am, a neighbour in his home observed the accused walking a dog and attempting to go into the vehicle, which he recognised as his neighbour's. 

He then left his home and observed the accused sitting in the vehicle, lying back on the seats. 

The witness then shouted for his neighbour and the two managed to keep the accused in the car until the police arrived. 

Mcguinness, 44, of Queensferry Road, Rosyth, admitted previously that, on December 4, he was found in a motor vehicle at Woodside Avenue, Rosyth, without lawful authority to be there so that in all the circumstances, it may be reasonably inferred that he attended to commit theft there. 

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said: "He had been waiting for Universal Credit for a month. 

"His payments had been changed without him being notified. 

"He was simply desperate and tried to find somewhere to stay. 

"He is now getting Universal Credit and his circumstances have improved. 

"He has a previous conviction but there have been no offences since January 16 and the charge is a very limited one."

Sheriff James Mcdonald fined Mcguinness £200.