PITTENCRIEFF Primary parents are angry at plans to add temporary classrooms at their school.

As reported previously in the Press, Fife Council is planning to add two temporary modular teaching spaces to cope with extra pupil numbers.

Developers of the Pilmuir Works in Dunfermline have been told to contribute £250,000 for the extra facilities as part of the conditions of their planning permission.

Although this development is in the McLean Primary catchment area, there are no spare classrooms or space for temporary buildings at McLean so the council plan to add at Pittencrieff instead.

Their Parent Council has expressed concerns about the impact of temporary classes and a survey of parents showed 98.8 per cent of people who responded to a survey they drew up were not happy.

Chairperson Andrew Baxby explained: "The parents are pretty annoyed about it. We had 84 responses which was pretty good. From these, 98.8 per cent responded with a firm No while the other 1.2 saying maybe depending on what it would look like. We then had 84 comments about the reasons why they didn't want them.

"One of the things is there is, in the playground, an old council building adjacent to the school for estates and services who are moving to a larger warehouse in Halbeath. Why can't we expand into a building that is already there? 

"The size of the playground is going to be reduced and also they are increasing the pupil count. There are only toilets suitable for the number that are there at the moment and enough car-parking for staff who are there.

"There is a large shelter where the kids go – and adults at picking-up time – when it is raining and the proposal is they will knock that down to make space for the two classes."

Head of education and children's services Shelagh McLean told the Press previously that the proposal for additional temporary classes at Pittencrieff Primary was in response to the redevelopment of brownfield land and the conversion of Pilmuir Works.

"It is expected that the hut could be in place for August 2020 and the timing will be dependent upon the number of pupils entering the school roll at that time," she said.

"The addition of this modular unit will be co-ordinated with the headteacher. There will be no impact on existing toilet facilities and the temporary accommodation will be fully accessible with toilet facilities.

"In a number of schools, the lunchtime arrangements are managed by the headteacher to ensure best use of the dining space."