VISITORS will be left in a spin after being sucked into Fire Station Creative’s unique vintage hoover and washing machine exhibition.

Dunfermline High Street electrical goods store, Andrew Thomson, is celebrating a private collection of vintage Hoovers and washing machines at the contemporary arts hub.

“We are delighted to be associated with this exhibition of classic home appliances, many of which will have been sold through our stores in the last 80 years or so,” said the store’s owner.

All the exhibits are owned by local collector Kevin Cox, who had a “fascination from an early age” with Hoovers and their designs, brands and availability during his teen years.

He said: “I would buy a classic hoover or twin tub washer and restore it to working order near to the original cosmetic condition as possible, use it for three to six months then sell it on and buy another.”

Kevin has also diligently collected old adverts from magazines which have been framed to complement the 3D objects on display.

He added: “These machines are part of our domestic social heritage as well as being fine examples of industrial design.

"It will hopefully give visitors the chance to indulge in some domestic history nostalgia. Most will recognise a machine as the ‘one’ they had in their family. It also gives me the chance to present and share my collection, which is usually kept in storage, and, hopefully, there may be an opportunity for some machines to be demonstrated.”

Ian Moir, gallery curator, said: “Some of these adverts are really beautiful and reveal much about the tastes and attitudes of the last century. For example, some ads rely on gender stereotypes which makes them interesting from a sociological perspective.

"Visitors to our gallery will be pleased to read that, in the 1950s, women were ‘happier with a hoover’, as one slogan puts it.”

The free exhibition runs from tomorrow (Friday) to March 3.