TWO brave Fife Council workers heroically saved a dog from drowning at Townhill Loch.

The female dog fell through the ice and struggled in the water for more than 30 minutes before the two council staff jumped in to save her.

The incident took place last Wednesday morning, and the Fife Dog Training group reminded dog owners to keep their pet on a lead in the wake of the scare.

A spokesperson said: "Please, please, please keep dogs on lead around iced-over lochs.

"This morning, a dog almost drowned at Townhill Loch after falling through the ice. Over 30 minutes struggling in the icy water. We can only hope that the dog survives! 

"This was awful to watch with the dog basically screaming. This could have ended right there in the loch with the dog slipping away.

"Do not risk the lives of your dogs, yourself or members of the public.

"Keep it simple and pop them on a lead or choose not to walk near frozen water."

The dog, Luna, was rescued and her owner told the training group that she was back to her old tricks the next day.

They said: "Just wanted you and your followers to know that Luna, the dog that broke through ice yesterday at Townhill Loch, is doing very well this morning. She had a long walk with no signs of stiffness and is as vocal as she usually is. Thanks to everyone for your support yesterday. Thanks also to Inglis Vets for their work also."