MAKE-UP is not just for girls – it's for boys as young as 12 too, says a Dunfermline beauty college.

Glamcandy, who recently invested more than £250,000 into their new premises on High Street, is to start the UK's first ever after-school make-up clubs.

They say the club will be for girls – and boys – aged 12 to 16 in a bid to shatter taboos around the beauty world.

Hayley Harvey Smith, managing director of Glamcandy, said: "We have been running classes at a school in Fife for over a year now and we've seen the impact learning a skill like make-up application has on the confidence and the educational attainment of the kids involved.

"We want to bring that opportunity to as many teenagers as we can – and that's why we're launching the Glamcandy Make-up Club.

"And we're particularly keen to offer it up to boys as well as girls.

"For young men who have an interest in make-up, we want to make that accessible to them, and to offer them the skills and experience that can open new doors for them and boost their confidence.

"There's a big focus on opening doors in male-dominated areas to girls – we want to make sure that the reverse is also true."

Students from schools in Fife will also be taught social media skills, photography techniques, and hair-styling as well as make-up skills.

They will also be encouraged to learn business and entrepreneurship skills, setting them up for potential future careers in the beauty industry.

The firm cites their experience of running make-up classes in schools – which have not only developed pupils’ practical skills but inspired them to further their education in other areas – as a driving factor behind the new initiative.

Glamcandy say while the overwhelming majority of their students are female, they want to highlight the phenomenal opportunities for men taking up a career in the industry.

Classes will start on February 27 at Glamcandy's Dunfermline store every Wednesday at a cost of £8 per session.