A DUNFERMLINE couple had quite a shock when they found a man with his trousers around his ankles standing outside their home.

The court heard this behaviour was "out of character" for James Dow and he was "embarrassed" by the incident.

Dow, 59, of Meadow Place, Dunfermline, previously admitted that on February 25, at Fodbank View, Dunfermline, he committed an offence of public indecency in that he removed his trousers and exposed his penis.

Depute fiscal Jamie Hilland first explained that one witness who lived near to the couple was aware that the previous tenant at her property was called 'Anthony' because she received letters addressed to him.

At the couple's home at around 12pm on February 25, the female witness was at the front window when she heard someone shouting "Anthony".

Dow was seen kicking and shaking the gate and continued to shout: "Anthony".

She then noticed that the accused had his trousers down to his ankles so shouted for her partner.

"The complainers noticed from the window that he was trying to pull his trousers over his head," Mr Hilland said.

The police were called, and they found Dow at 1.20pm still near the property, clothed but with his trousers unbuttoned.

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi said: "There is a record before the court but this incident it out of character.

"The incident has been a result of his relapse into drug addiction.

"He has little recollection of the incident but he is embarrassed because he has no memory of why he got into that position."

Sheriff James MacDonald said: "It is quite clear that you were in a chaotic state on the day in question."

The sheriff imposed a sentence of 75 hours of unpaid work.