GETTING stuck at a softplay with her grandson was all the motivation a Dunfermline woman needed to lose an incredible four stone.

Sandra Nicholson has made a remarkable transformation after playing with her grandchildren left her feeling embarrassed.

The 52-year-old has lost 60 pounds and has made her family eat their words.

She said: "I struggled walking and climbing the hills on holiday, I even got stuck in the softplay trying to help my grandson and was so embarrassed. Then I saw THAT photograph and the penny dropped, I had to change my lifestyle and get the excess pounds off."

The customer service advisor has changed her lifestyle completely, and she regularly runs 15K a week and is also hitting the gym three times a week, something she never thought she would be able to do.

Sandra commented: "I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle, being able to do things without thinking people were judging me. I also wanted to be able to take part in the fun that my grandchildren were having without getting breathless and tired.

"But most of all I wanted to be me again, do the things my husband and I enjoyed without him thinking, 'Will she be able to do this without feeling bad?'.

"The two things I am most proud of myself for is that I have now been able to get right to the top of my hill that we visit every year, I also fit through the holes in the soft play meaning I can follow my grandson and even race him down the slide with no fear of getting stuck!"

Sandra joined Weight Watchers to help her reach her goals and praised the support team on offer.

She said: "I don’t think I would have reached this stage without both my wellness coaches, Heather and Elaine; in the past, if I had a hiccup, I would have just blown the week but with their help and encouragement I now know that it is no biggy and to get right back on the plan the next day. The group is so supportive, they help you when you have a bad week and celebrate with you when you have a great week, we are so good for each other I have made great friends as much to say they feel like family."